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Technical / Web Browser
 Does Lafayette Limo recommend a web browser?
 YES! Lafayette Limo recommends Mozilla Firefox. At the time of this FAQ being created, the highest version of Firefox is currently 3.5.7.

To get *Firefox*, you'll need to go to Firefox Download Site and download the free software.

Once you download *Firefox* and install it to your PC, you'll need to also install the Flash Plugin from Adobe Flash Download page

After you re-start Firefox (once Flash is installed), you should be good to safely surf around the internet and have an enjoyable browsing experience at Lafayette Limo.

Apple Safari is good and hasn't caused any problems with Lafayette Limo's website.

Smart Phones can surf the Lafayette Limo website if they have Javascript turned on.

Lafayette Limo does not recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer for several reasons.

1- the Operating System (Windows) is tied directly to the web browser (Internet Explorer). If the web browser picks up an ActiveX control, E-virus, Malware, Spyware, etc .. it will (if the machine is not adequately protected) become infected and likely not do things you want it to do.

If the antivirus software on the computer isn't up-to-date, you run a far greater risk of infections with Internet Explorer.

2- Internet Explorer doesn't use a standard version of Javascript to provide different browser functionalities.

3- Internet Explorer, in our opinion, doesn't render a web page as quickly as Firefox.

4- because Internet Explorer has it's own *standards*, the manner in which it displays pages isn't consistent from click to click making it the least ideal tool to use to display dynamic data coming from a database.

5- Internet Explorer sometimes doesn't obey the caching parameters given to it from the Lafayette Limo website. All pages at Lafayette Limmo are told to *not* keep a copy as we build each page dynamically when the page is sent to the browser. If Internet Explorer ignores the caching parameters and decides to keep a copy of the different pages, we can't guarantee that what you see on Lafayette Limo is what was given to the browser to be seen.
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